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Thoughts for the Week
Wisdom from the Fathers

"There is no need at all to make long discourses; it is enough to stretch out one's hand and say, "Lord, as you will, and as you know, have mercy." And if the conflict grows fiercer say, "Lord help!" God knows very well what we need and He shows us His mercy."

Abba Macarius

“Abba John the Dwarf went away to an old man of Thebes who lived in the desert of Scetis. His abba took a piece of dry wood, planted it, and said to him, ‘Water it every day with a bottle of water until it bears fruit.’ The water, however, was so far away from there that John had to go out late in the evening and come back the next morning. Three years later, the tree came to life and bore fruit. Then the old man took some of the fruit and brought it to the church, saying to the brethren: ‘Take and eat the fruit of obedience.’”

Sayings of the Desert Fathers

The Perfect Person's Rule of Life:

The perfect person does not only try to avoid evil. Nor does he do good for fear of punishment, still less in order to qualify for the hope of a promised reward. The perfect person does good through love.

His actions are not motivated by desire for personal benefit, so he does not have personal advantage as his aim. But as soon as he has realized the beauty of doing good, he does it with all his energies and in all that he does. He is not interested in fame, or a good reputation, or a human or divine reward. The rule of life for a perfect person is to be in the image and likeness of God.

†St. Clement of Alexandria

Upcoming Events
Sunday of Orthodoxy Icon Procession - February 25th - 02/18/18

Next Sunday, February 25th, the first Sunday of Great Lent is called the Triumph of Orthodoxy.  It is a historical feast commemorating the return of the icons to the churches in the year 843 after the heresy of iconoclasm was overcome.  The spiritual theme of the day is first of all the victory of the True Faith.  "This is the victory that overcomes the world, our faith" (1 John 5:4).  Secondly, the icons of the saints bear witness that man, "created in the image and lineness of God" (Gen 1:26) becomes holy and godlike through the purification of himself as God's living image.

We will have our usual icon procession with the parish youth.  Don't forget to bring your favorite icon!

Lenten Choir Rehearsals - March 10th and 24th - 02/18/18

Lenten choir rehearsals will be held on the following dates:

Saturday, March 10th at 3:30 p.m.
Saturday, March 24th at 3:30 p.m.

Lenten Retreat - March 17th - 02/18/18

On March 17th we are planning on having a Lenten retreat. The guest speaker will once again be Frederica Mathewes-Green. She will be speaking on "Mary as the Early Christians Knew Her". There will be more details to come in future bulletins.

Other Announcements
Pot Luck & the Life of a Saint after Presanctified Liturgy on Wednesdays - 02/18/18

On Wednesday evenings during Great Lent we will be having Lenten pot luck dinners along with a presentation on the life of a saint. All are welcome to join us. Please see Fr. Dn. James if you are interested in presenting or reading the life of a saint.

Read a book over Lent! - 02/18/18

Check out the library table today at coffee hour; new books have been put out for this season of Lent. More titles are available downstairs in the library. If there is an additional book that you would like the bookstore to order, please see Juliana Bunitsky or Mary Anne Farrell.

Lenten Confessions - 02/18/18

During the Lenten season, confessions will be available on Wednesday evenings at 5:30 p.m. prior to Presanctified Liturgy. 

Time for confessions is also available on Saturday evenings following Great Vespers.

2018 Assessments - 02/11/18

As we progress to our fair share giving of 10% of our operating budget to the National and Diocesan Church, our individual assessments for 2018 are changing. With the approval of our 2018 budget in October, we committed to a level 3 giving as a parish which equates to $177 per adult for this year or $44.25 per quarter. Envelopes are available in the Narthex if you wish to use them as a reminder. Thank you for your continued support.

House Blessings - 02/11/18

House blessings are available. Please see Matushka Daria or Father Barnabas at coffee hour for scheduling.

News from the Orthodox Church in America

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Grant enables seminarians to participate in OCMC mission teams
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St. Vladimir’s Seminary to host open house for prospective students March 8
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Vendors, exhibitors invited to register for 19th All-American Council
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The 14th Anniversary of the Episcopal Consecration of Metropolitan Tikhon
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Monday, 12 Feb 2018

FOCUS North America to host first Servant Leadership Conference for HS senior...
12 Feb 2018 at 11:52am

Sunday of Orthodoxy Icon Procession

Sunday, February 25th during Liturgy.  Bring your icons!

See the Parish News page for details on all current announcements