St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church
A Parish of the Orthodox Church in America
2300 W. Huntington Drive, Wilmington, Delaware 19808 • (302) 995-6775
Materials for Online Worship Services

St Michael's is once again holding limited in-person worship services in the church building.  

Currently, in-person attendance at worship services is by invitation only.  We are inviting parish members and catechumens in alphabetical order by last name until all of the openings for a liturgy service are filled. Invitations for the next liturgy will pick up where they left off previously. If you decline your invitation, you must wait until your turn comes around again in alphabetical order. 

We are continuing to live-stream worship services through Zoom and Facebook Live for those who cannot attend in person.  Below is the link to the videos area of St Michael's Facebook group.  This area will allow you to see our current live stream as well as videos recorded previously.

If you are not already a member of the group, you will be asked if you are a member of St Michael's.  Answer it, and you will automatically be added to the group.

As always, weekly bulletins can be found in their normal place on the Weekly Bulletins page.

A Parishoner's Guide to Attending Liturgy During the Reopening
Supporting the Church During the Outbreak

Even though we are not able to gather in the church to worship, we still need to financially support the church as best we can.  Please mail your offerings to the rectory address:

2231 E Huntington Dr
Wilmington DE 19808-4952

Thank you for your generous support!

All OCA Online Church School

In addition to St. Michael's own Church School classes, parents might want to check out classes at the All OCA Church School.  Since the initial class held on March 25, the school has brought together hundreds of Orthodox kids from throughout North America, and abroad, to share in their faith, to prepare for our Lord’s Pascha, and now to celebrate with each other in the joy of the Resurrection.  Check it out!

Church School page on the OCA website:


To attend classes via Zoom, go to:


Other COVID-19 Resources

The OCA has an extensive resources page at:

The State of Delaware has a coronavirus page at:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a coronavirus page at:


Statement by the Chancellor and General Counsel of the OCA (2 pages)
A Letter From a Wise Priest (5 pages)
A Reflection on the Coronavirus Epidemic by Bishop Alexis of Bethesda