St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church
A Parish of the Orthodox Church in America
2300 W. Huntington Drive, Wilmington, Delaware 19808 • (302) 283-9335

It is through tithes and offerings to the Church, especially the local parish, that the "Good News" of our what our Lord has accomplished for us can continue to be spread in this local community and that the spiritual needs of those who call this parish community their home can be met.  Furthermore, it is the means by which this parish can continue to simply stay open - to pay its expenses (utilities, maintenance, clergy support, etc.)

The Biblical model of giving is to “tithe” or give 10% of your income.  Not only does the Lord ask us to give in this way, He also asks us to make offerings above and beyond the tithe. Additionally, He wants us to do so cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:6-7).  This might be difficult, especially in a day and age where being in debt has become normal.  None the less, the Lord wants us to give first to Him, through His Church (His Body).  Consider how much you spend on entertainment (Netflix, movies, games...) or electronics or on eating out, or coffee...  It isn't wrong to enjoy those things, but God wants us to learn to put Him first.  To see how you "stack up" take a look at this chart below.  If tithing is something new to you, then at least try to give some percentage of your income that is manageable with your budget.  

You can make a donation to St. Michael's in person (we take up an offering every Sunday morning), by clicking the "Donate" button on this page,  or by mailing a check to: 

2231 E. Huntington Dr, Wilmington DE, 19808

Thank you! May the Lord bless and multipy your offering.  

The below link will take you to our donation page.  Please note that if you are donating by Credit or Debit card, there are fees associated with that. You will be given the option to cover those fees. While that is not required, we do greatly appreciate it.