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Thoughts for the Week

Wisdom of the Holy Fathers

"Do you want to live properly? Make sure you have humility, because without it there's no proper life. People start being abandoned by God once they lose their humility. Love humility and you'll never fall into one of the devil's traps."
†St. Ephrem the Syrian
(306-373 A.D.)

"To be quiet is the fruit of a royal and noble upbringing. Those who've learned how to be quiet have also learned how to talk. Because to be quiet is the product of rational thought in the same way as speaking prudently is. People who don't know how to be quiet can't hold a conversation either."
†St. Nektarios
Metropolitan of Pentapolis and Wonderworker of Aegina

"It seems that we do not understand one thing: it is not good when we return the love of those who love us, yet hate those who hate us. We are not on the right path if we do this. We are the sons of light and love, the sons of God, his children. As such we must have His qualities and His attributes of love, peace, and kindness towards all."
- Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

"Not knowledge you learn, but knowledge you suffer. That's Orthodox spirituality."
Abbess Gavrilia
A 20th century saintly Greek Orthodox nun

"But for the searching and right understanding of the Scriptures there is need of a good life and a pure soul, and for Christian virtue to guide the mind to grasp, so far as human nature can, the truth concerning God the Word. One cannot possibly understand the teaching of the Saints unless one has a pure mind and is trying to imitate their life. Anyone who wants to look at sunlight naturally wipes his eye clear first, in order to make, at any rate, some approximation to the purity of that on which he looks; and a person wishing to see a city or country goes to the place in order to do so. Similarly, anyone who wishes to understand the mind of the sacred writers must first cleanse his own life, and approach the Saints by copying their deeds. Thus united to them in the fellowship of life, he will both understand the things revealed to them by God and, thenceforth escaping the peril that threatens sinners in the judgment, will receive that which is laid up for the Saints in the Kingdom of Heaven."
†St. Athanasius
(296-373 AD)
On the Incarnation of the Word of God, 57.
Upcoming Events
NO Study Group - January 23rd - 01/23/20

Since Father Barnabas will be attending the Diocesan Assembly, there will be no Study Group on Thursday, January 23rd.

Meeting of the Lord in the Temple - February 2nd - 02/02/20

The feast of the Presentation or Meeting of the Lord in the Temple takes place forty days following the Nativity of Jesus (Sunday, February 2nd). The feast celebrates Christ’s fulfillment of the Law of Moses calling for all the first born; whatever is the first to open the womb among the people of Israel, be consecrated to God. At this time, we also see His mother Mary undergo the ritual purification offering the sacrifices prescribed in the Law. In the feast Christ’s encounters, the Elder Simeon who had long awaited His coming, and inspired by the Holy Spirit, leads the Messiah into the Temple. This year the feast also falls on Zacchaeus Sunday. We will celebrate with vespers and lytia on Saturday, February 1st and liturgy on Sunday, February 2nd. The blessing of candles is traditionally offered at this feast.

Other Announcements
Welcome to the Newly Illumined! - 01/19/20

This morning (Sunday, January 19th) we welcome into the Church Mila Christopher Estifanos the sacraments of Baptism and Chrismation. Mila is the daughter of Estela Estifanos Asfeha and Christopher Waters. May our Lord may grant the newly illumined and her family, health, long life and Many Blessed Years!

Holy Water and Home Blessings - 01/12/20

Holy water will be available in the Nave for the next two weeks and always available throughout the year upon request. Father Barnabas will also be available for home blessings.  Please see Father Barnabas or Matushka Daria for scheduling.

Parish Giving - 01/12/20

This year, our Parish has achieved a level 5 giving to the Diocese and National Churches. As a result, the assessment for each adult will be $200 per year or $50 per quarter. Envelopes are available in the Narthex for your use and to be used as reminders for you throughout the year. Thank you for your continued support.

Reader Schedule


Date 3rd Hour 6th Hour Epistle
Jan 26 Riley Riley Riley
Feb 2 Sulpizi Skomorucha Wales
Feb 9 Bunitsky D'Orazio Carey
Feb 16 J. Peck Peck Peck
Feb 23 Riley Riley Riley
Service Schedule


Date Coffee Hour Service Duty Church Cleaner
Jan 19 Hojnicki / Flynn / Roberts Bunitsky / Morjana Baldytchev / Shatley / Sylvest
Jan 26 Gerissimakis / Bunitsky Riley / Riley Sulpizi
Feb 2 Shatley / Hines Sulpizi Riley
Feb 9 J. Peck / Mackenzie Hojnicki / Najemy Bunitsky / Finck
Feb 16 Elia / Gundersen / Fravel Telep / Baldytchev Farrell
Feb 23 C. Peck / Sulpizi / Skomorucha Bunitsky / Morjana Clause / Whalen


News from the Orthodox Church in America

Tuesday, 14 Jan 2020

Metropolitan Tikhon Sends Letter of Support to Patriarch Irinej
14 Jan 2020 at 8:57am

Monday, 13 Jan 2020

OCA Pension Board Meets, Continues Parsonage Designation, Declaration for Ret...
13 Jan 2020 at 2:50pm

Saturday, 11 Jan 2020

Friday, 10 Jan 2020

Schedule of Services Announced for Episcopal Ordination of Archimandrite Alexis
10 Jan 2020 at 2:28pm

Thursday, 9 Jan 2020

Pastoral Changes for September, October, November 2019 released
9 Jan 2020 at 9:45am

Tuesday, 7 Jan 2020

Annual Fr. Schmemann Lecture to celebrate 50 years of OCA autocephaly
7 Jan 2020 at 9:00am

Saturday, 4 Jan 2020

January 19 is “Sanctity of Life Sunday”
4 Jan 2020 at 9:19pm

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2020

The Holy Synod Proclaims 2020 as a Year of Anniversaries for the Orthodox Chu...
1 Jan 2020 at 4:55am

Tuesday, 24 Dec 2019

Monday, 23 Dec 2019

Metropolitan Tikhon Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Representation to Church o...
23 Dec 2019 at 2:36pm



Thursday, January 23rd

NO Study Group


Friday, January 24th

Little Angels

  at 9:30 a.m.


Saturday, January 25th

Great Vespers

  at 5:00 p.m.

  followed by



Sunday, January 26th


  at 8:40 a.m.

Divine Liturgy

  at 9:00 a.m.