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“The person who lives in love reaps the fruit of life from God, and while yet in this world, even now breathes the air of the resurrection.”

†St. Isaac the Syrian

“You must learn to suffer and bear—but do not view this as something ‘endless and dreary,’ here you are wrong: God sends many consolations, and you will know them again. You must learn to find joy in the midst of increasing doses of sorrow; thus you can save your soul and help others.”

Father Seraphim Rose


Upcoming Events
Study Group - March 4th - 03/04/2021

This past Thursday eight of us continued with Matthew chapter 19. In the coming weeks, our study of St. Matthew will bring us to our Lord’s passion, death, and resurrection. It will be great timing with the study of these particular gospel lessons given the Lenten season. Consider joining us during the Lenten season for our Thursday study group. We will continue to meet on Zoom at 10:00 a.m. All are welcome to join us.

Great Lent to Begin - March 15th - 03/14/2021

Our Lenten journey will begin with Forgiveness Vespers on Sunday, March 14th following Liturgy. All should make a sincere effort to begin the Lenten season with this service and the “Mutual Rite of Forgiveness”. On forgiveness Sunday, we sing of Adam’s exile from paradise. We identify ourselves with Adam, lamenting our loss of the beauty, dignity, and delight of our original creation, mourning our corruption in sin. We also hear on this day the Lord’s teaching about fasting and forgiveness, and we enter the season of the fast forgiving one another so that God will forgive us. “If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will forgive you; but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your heavenly Father forgive you your trespasses (Mt 6.14–18).”

Other Announcements
Memory Eternal! - 02/28/2021

This past Tuesday Fr. Deacon James’ mother, Alma, fell asleep in the Lord. May her memory be eternal! Please keep Fr. Deacon James and his family in your prayers.

Family Promise - Thank You! - 02/28/2021

Thank you to all six of our St. Michael’s volunteers (and a special shout out to young Nadia) who prepared and delivered meals to our families in need in the Family Promise ministry last week. Your caring and generosity are very much appreciated by the families! There will be three more upcoming opportunities to serve in 2021 so no worries if you missed serving this time. Thank you all!

Sacraments for Those Staying Home - 10/18/2020

Recognizing the need for many to quarantine due to the deadliness of the pandemic, Fr. Barnabas is available to meet individually on Wednesdays and Fridays to offer Confession and Communion for those still at home. Fr. Barnabas is also willing to meet in other creative ways, like on your porch, to assure everyone remains connected. Please email or call the office to set up a time for the Sacraments.

Reader Schedule


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Service Schedule


Date Coffee Hour Service Duty Church Cleaners
Mar 7 Outdoor Social Hour Telep / Baldychev Sulpizi
Mar 14 Outdoor Social Hour Bunitsky / Morjana Riley
Mar 21 Outdoor Social Hour Riley / Riley Bunitsky / Finck


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